30 June 2018 Round 4 Northern Regions Championship

30 June 2018 saw round 4 of the Northern Regions Championship at Zwartkops Racetrack.
It was a double header weekend as it was the 2018 Africa Open on Sunday.

Our star of the weekend is Kent Swartz who has broken the lap record in the Micro Max Category! The team has been working hard behind the scenes the last month with team leader Fabienne competing in Italy and excelling where she finished a podium 5th in the Senior Rok category out of 41 Drivers topping the time sheets amongst the fastest.

“Bringing back the latest experiences always enhances our team and we invest this time because we race to win ” Fabienne said.

Adapting from the normal conditions to this unknown grippy Zwartkops track proved a challenge for the youngsters at Target Racing.
“We walked the track after the Regional as our kids did not have the best day out in Regional day, but they absorbed the instructions and shone superbly in the Africa Open. Both Moosa Kajee and Kent Swartz were candidates to taking the title, but unfortunate first corner mishaps happen and then uncalled for mid heat crashing into our stars, resulted otherwise. ” Team captain Fabienne comments

Our Rookie Driver Wian Boshoff had a strong qualifying on Saturday leading our squad in 11th position, he unfortunately had some ding dong battles and resulted in a DNF the last heat. Gloom carried over into Africa Open where he did not post a time in the super pole Qualifying and had to start last. none the less, he took on the challenge and each race bettered himself forwards and ended 17th.
Moosa managed to pull himself back to 9th after the final after being caught up in the start of the race incident. A strong performance.

For Senior Max Luvuyo Mobwano, a new challenge was set before him as this category raced the first time on the new Mojo D5 Tyre. Quite a bit softer tyre than the D4, the top guys were scratching on some DD2 Drivers tails, their speeds were blistering.
He showed some improving pace during the day, but the next day at Africa Open was a better day as he managined to pull through to 11th in the Final, just missed a top 10

Little Driver of the Team Aadam Kajee was on average the fastest Driver in the Cadet Category, but just could not pull through a win and ended both Regional and Africa Open in third position.

Photo Credits
Werner Viet Photography

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