Podium and lap record for Kent Swartz as he steps up the pace

Kent Swartz Target Racing Team
Kent Swartz, the 9 year old karting star is a rising new talent in the South African Karting scene.

Kent Swartz Target Racing Team
Having joined Target Racing as a rookie in January 2018, he has raised eyebrows as he storms his way up the ladder.

He has reached his biggest achievements to date the last two months by setting a new lap record at Zwartkops in the Rotax Micro category in an IPK Praga Piccolo at the Africa Open 1st of July 2018 and finishing on his first National Podium in 5th Place at Round 3 Rotax Nationals in Cape Town on 11th August.

Still relatively new to the sport and now mixing with the more experienced drivers at the top of the time-sheets, Kent is still very much a gentleman driver.

At the African Open he was muscled around a bit and unfortunately got tagged on his right rear by a late lunge of another competitor and it caused him to retire from the race after lying in 4th position.

After dealing with his first big disappointment at the African Open, Kent eagerly went to race at the Rotax National in Cape Town, where he rose up to the platform once again, setting top laptimes against the local drivers at a track known to be extremely physical and challenging for rookies.
The Rotax National event was held over three days and even though the team had to pace him by calling him in early on some sessions to preserve his energy, it still took its toll on Kent, as he had a hard battle on Raceday.

Nonetheless, Kent raced solid heats and did his best in the last heat where he finished in 4th place, giving him a 5th overall for the day. This is Kent’s best result in a National to date.
“We have been working hard spending those valuable seat time hours at the track with Kent, which is paying off very well, and as he has exceeded our expectations. Speed he has, so now we are working on racecraft, like the pecking order as you make your mark on the black tar,” Fabienne Lanz, Team Captain, commented.

Next up for Kent is the Regional 1st September in Vereeniging and then the last Round of the Rotax National Championships at Zwartkops Racetrack on 29 September where Kent will be pushing to get the top 10 finish for the 2018 season.

Having learnt so much already, he may be looking at gaining more experience and taking the next step by competing Internationally in Italy this coming October.

Kent Swartz Target Racing Team

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