Round two of the Regional Championship found itself at Vereeniging Kart Track on 14 April 2018.

As for all team members of Target Racing, their home track is Zwartkops Raceway, and with the difficult surface changing at Vereeniging track, this proved a difficult task for all Drivers.
First on the line up of the day was Mini Max.

Moosa Kajee normally races in the Micro Max category. Filling bigger shoes we ventured and tested him in the Mini Max waters of which he proved very good pace over the weekend.
MK managed to pull in to a top 10 in 10th position for the day.
Next was little Kajee , MK’s brother Aadam. During Friday’s practice he was often setting the fastest laps, was a bit unsure where all to overtake as the inside line is very slippery. But still a big day was awaiting him on Raceday with fantastic pace.
He had a brilliant outing previous round at iDube Raceway where he con the day in extreme changing weather.
But this race would not have it his way as his Race engine gave in after Qualifying 2nd .The first and second heat he managed just to hang in 3rd and the last heat was a disaster. Very temperamental these C50 engines as we know. As is Motorsport, one moment you can be on a high and the next it plunders to a low. Important is to keep pushing no matter what to come back as everyone has a bad day.

Senior Max saw new comer Luvuyo Mobwano thrown in the deep end as this was only his second race of his Karting career and the first time at Vereeniging Circuit.
Having seen the track first time the Wednesday before, he sure had his hands full. But as we have seen Luvuyo progress extremely quickly, he has managed to break into the 1 second bracket from the fastest guys. From here to decrease that gap we know now comes the real hard work.
The last heat must have been Luvuyo’s best race to date as it had started to drizzle a little and everyone was on slicks. Luvuyo showed no mercy as he overtook a few Drivers having a real tussle dice out there.
He came in to finish 11th for the day, only teo points shy of top 10.

For the youngsters moving from Cadets category to the Micro category that is over 10 seconds faster in laptime, this must be a real hard task bestowed onto little 7 to 8 year olds.
Newly joined Kent Swartz had a superb outing, his best race to date almost clinching that 2nd place in heat one posting the third quickest laptime. Amazing Drive
Kent kept the stunning pace throughout the day and his last heat was a difficult racecraft learning experience where crucial point decison slip up cost him dearly.
Ending the day in 6th place. We know there’s a lot of goosebump thrilling racing to come out of you as you experience and move your way to the top step.

Wian had yet another hard day at the office. Having had a strong outing at Zwartkops in round one with stunning pace. This Raceday proved the more difficult one. He made a stunning turn around in the slippery slightly damp track in heat three as he came across the line in 5th place! Well done! Wian is one of the candidates fresh from Cadets. He is the 2017 Cadet champion and we know all champions rise from rock bottom.

Pic by Werner Viet

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