About Target Racing

About Target Racing

Karting is a very competitive sport, however still very social, so we teach our team to achieve goals and reach their full potential, not only as a driver but also as a person.

Here at Target Racing, we build on the kids’ characters and nurture them to become independent entrepreneurs. As in life, we stand on our own and face obstacles without warning. These life lessons can be taught on the track – should there be a potential accident in front of them, the decision to avoid the accident is almost subconscious and the kids need to react instantaneously. 

This can be very daunting to most and we at Target Racing focus on building these skills in our drivers whilst having fun out on track. From the basic fun karting to the more serious karting, it really teaches a person daily life skills, not to mention how to become alert and be a better driver on the road once the kids reach 18. 

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